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What does it take to make an emotional connection with your stakeholders?

Check out Resonance Social and experience how state-of-the-art affective technologies can empower you to connect with your stakeholders accurately, holistically, at a scale and in real time.

Why Resonance

The Internet and social media space is growing tremendously and businesses can no longer afford to ignore the sentiments related to their services and products

If you believe your stakeholders' voices are central to your decisions, and need a tool to timely measure, track, analyze, and report at a large scale of social voices and discussions on your brand, product, or service, Resonance Social is the solution for you.


Resonance Social: Four Top Features

How our solution can bring clarity to your business

Affective Intelligence 

Unleash the power of your social data with our advanced emotion analysis engine, providing precise and multi-dimensional insights into emotional content. Resonance Social allows you to: 

  1. Review comprehensive statistics at a glance. 

  2. Track sentiment and emotion trends in detail, customized by topic and time period. 

  3. Visualize dominant emotions with dynamic word clouds for positive, negative, fear, anger, sadness, and joy sentiments. 

All In One Place

Experience a comprehensive, comparative view of insights drawn from various media sources, all in one place. Resonance Social offers:

  1. Integrated Facebook API to retrieve Facebook public data for seamless connectivity 

  2. Access to tweets originating from Singapore and Malaysia for a regional perspective. 

  3. Reach into the Singaporean Reddit community for a deeper understanding of local sentiments 

Interactive Dashboard

​Discover powerful insights with our customizable dashboard, tailored for immediate and comprehensive analytics: 

  1. Define keywords to efficiently create topics and preview matching posts. 

  2. Get clear time estimates for topic creation and data acquisition. 

  3. Edit or delete topics based on your evolving needs.  

  4. Explore data through interactive charts with clickable trend points. 

  5. Filter posts, comments, and tweets by sentiments, emotions, or sarcasm scores 

Resonance Social custom dashboard

Sarcasm Detection

Enhance sentiment analysis with our integrated sarcasm detection engine. Features include:  

  1. Display of sarcasm scores and labels for individual comments and tweets. 

  2. Overview of total sarcasm-infused comments per post. 

  3. Customizable filtering based on sarcasm scores. 

  4. Option to toggle sarcasm labels on or off for individual comments and tweets.


Technologies behind: Powered by A*STAR's Research on Affective and Social Intelligence

Differentiating from the competitions

In-house Developed AI Technology

Grounded in advanced research and psychological foundations, it powers our emotion analytic algorithm to deliver deep, actionable insights

Seamless Data Pipeline

It intelligently gathers, identifies, and filters data from diverse social media sources, securely storing it on your server for efficient retrieval

Multidimensional Emotion Analysis

Integrated with CrystalFeel that measures 5 emotional dimensions in intensity scores (fear, anger, joy, sadness and overall valence) to produce more reliable and accurate sentiment reports

Sarcasm Detection

Integrated with the innovative Crystalace technology, it expertly predicts the likelihood of sarcasm in expressions, further enriching our emotion and sentiment analysis

Uniquely Singapore Solution

Our AI models are expertly tailored to comprehend the 'shiok' nuances of our local Singlish language

About Us

About Us

Resonance Social is an advanced social listening platform developed by engineers and scientists from A*STAR’s Institute of High Performance Computing. Powered by our core state-of-the-art sentiment and emotion analysis algorithms rooted in affective and social intelligence research, the platform presents accurate, real-time and interactive emotion analytic dashboards from multiple digital and social media data sources. This reveals rich and actionable insights for ground sensing, especially in public policies, as well as for consumer and market intelligence uses.


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Resonance Social provides users with accurate sentiments and emotions analytics on specifics from a rich blended source of social and digital media. We are happy to hear from you! Contact us today and speak with one of our representatives!

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